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Wedding Day Essentials
Wedding Cakes Lincoln
Beautiful Castle Wedding cakeLace Wedding cake



Sheep Wedding cake



Chocolate wedding cake


Lace Wedding cake 




Choose Your Flavours From
Chocolate Sponge with chocolate buttercream
Red Velvet Cake
Traditional Rich Fruit Cake
Vanilla Sponge with Vanilla Buttercream & Strawberry conserve
Lemon Sponge with Homemade Lemon Curd and Buttercream 
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Filling
Cupcake Towers
Beautifully decorated Cupcakes
From £1.50 each
Wedding cupcakes


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Wedding Favours
Home Made Truffles
!B6wj+Kg!2k~$(KGrHqQOKjQEyUdL!RQdBMyY6vNny!~~ 3
Luxury Handmade Liqueur Truffles
Non Alcoholic Truffles are available
Beautifully Gift Wrapped
Please see the Truffles page of my website for a full selection of Handmade Truffles.
20 x 2 choc Boxed/Bagged Favours from £45
20 x 4 choc Boxed/Bagged Favours from £90
Cupcake Wedding favours
From £2.50 each

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